Puppy Training with a Difference

Techniques covered

  • Obedience (Pattern learning) - sit and step away, drop, recall
  • Walking your pup on a loose lead
  • Canine good behaviour shaping
  • Canine Leadership
  • Behavioural problem solving
  • Socialisation (body language and aggression prevention)

Puppy Training Courses

***Gift Certificates Available***

Puppy training sessions are run by Lorraine McLennan, who is an Accredited Puppy/Dog Trainer & Behavioural Specialist, established since 2003.

Classes are held at Seaford Primary School, McRae Street, Seaford.

Puppy training has been structured for you and your puppy to:

  • Commence training suitable for the puppy that is too old for Puppy Pre-School yet not old enough for adult training.
  • Puppies may attend “puppy training” from 10 to 20 weeks of age.

Techniques covered in the 4-week Puppy Training course include:

  • Obedience (Pattern Learning) – sit and step away, drop, recall
  • Teaching your pup not to go out an open door/gate
  • Walking your pup on a loose lead
  • Canine good behaviour shaping
  • Canine Leadership
  • Behavioural problem solving
  • Socialisation (body language and aggression prevention)

What you learn in these classes should not become confused with further adult training. We at Sankiri Dog Training encourage you to continue to further your handling, behavioural and socialisation skills beyond puppy training.

All puppies need to have a well-fitted collar and lead, making sure that the collar is not able to slip over your puppy’s head.

All puppies must have a C5 vaccination certificate, this must be shown upon arrival.

It is critical for your puppy and you to have a positive experience and for you as a handler not to end up in a tug of war with your puppy.

This can set the pace for disaster and make it extremely unenjoyable for both you and your puppy to continue with adult dog training in a positive manner.

Puppies aged from 5 months or older will be ready to attend our

Basic Obedience and Behavioural 10 week course, this is for the owner that has no intentions of allowing their dog off lead in a public area, example dog park, beach etc.


2 Year Unlimited (2UL).

This is our most popular choice by owners, this is for the owner that would like to train their dog to an off lead level in real life situations.

By enrolling directly into the 2 Year Unlimited (2UL), by doing this you will not be paying for puppy training followed by paying for adult training.  The 2 Year Unlimited (2UL) covers everything (except training equipment) from your very first puppy session to your puppy becoming an adult.

Sankiri Dog Training & Behavioural Specialist recommends that people wanting to attend Puppy Pre School for the younger puppies should contact Lorraine on 0401 634 392

* Puppy training 4-week pre paid course $100.00 (incl GST) to be paid in full prior to the first puppy training session


Enrol into the 2 Year Unlimited, by doing this, you will not be charged $100.00 extra for puppy training.  The 2 Year Unlimited training (2UL can be paid by direct debit plan).

  • Terms and conditions apply (see below)
  • Class duration – 30minutes puppy training followed by 15minutes of  fun time / socialisation
  • Class size – small to medium
  • Sunday class time 11:30am to 12.15pm
  • Bookings essential
  • All enquiries phone Lorraine 0401 634 392.

Payment Terms and Conditions Puppy Training

  1. You can only buy 4 consecutive training sessions.
  2. The cost of the Puppy Training is $100.00 (incl GST), payable at time of booking.
  3. Paying a total fee of $100.00 per puppy, training equipment not included (incl GST) prior to or by the due date on your invoice.
  4. You will not be entitled to any refund or make-up training session if you do not attend any of your 4 training sessions you have purchased. Should there be extenuating circumstances, please advise Lorraine
  5. Dogs not attending training classes will not be permitted to enter the Training  venue.
  6. If the weather is unsuitable it may mean some training days will have to be rescheduled, this information will be available by LIKING our FB page...updates are posted by 8am each Sunday.

Alternatively phone or sms Lorraine on 0401 634 392 if in any doubt.

All enquiries phone
Lorraine 0401 634 392.

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Payment methods available
Credit Card - Cash - Internet Banking - Pay Pal (available only when enrolling through website)

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