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About me!

 Sankiri has been in operation since 2004.
My name is Lorraine McLennan,
owner and main Dog Trainer at Sankiri Dog Training and
I love dogs!  Always have and always will!

I am an accredited dog trainer through the Alpha Dog Training and Lifestyle Canine Research & Development Group ongoing since 29/8/2004. Sankiri is named after my brother’s 2 greyhounds, the first  was named Kiri Success and the other, which was his favourite, was named Sandy. Sankiri was born! I really wanted to honour my brother who unfortunately had his life cut short, wrong place at the wrong time by way of using a business name that was connected to him, after all, if it wasn’t for him, maybe Sankiri Dog Training would never have happened.

I have learned many lessons while running a dog boarding and training facility. Owners would bring their friendly dogs in while they went on holidays, some dogs would become so frightened they would become extremely aggressive. There was one dog in particular, he was so aggressive that I had to put welding gloves on to try to put a lead on him. After managing to do this, I walked this dog out of the kennels, I bobbed down and all of a sudden this dog was extremely friendly. He wasn’t aggressive, he was simply so scared that his behaviour changed. He was a beautiful dog and he lived in our home for several weeks while his owners were on holidays.

I started a Rescue Group “Sankiri Dog Rescue” to be able to help dogs that didn’t seem to be able to get out of the system. I felt sorry for these dogs, and still do.  It’s the owners that have done the wrong thing by the dog and the poor dog ends up losing it’s life on many occasions.  I’m so grateful for my experiences in taking these dogs.  Many of them were in the rescue centre for 12 months or more and they were at the end of their time.  I took many dogs, the rescue groups would adopt them to me FREE OF CHARGE. They would live with me for 1 or 2 years, I would train them and help them become part of our family and then I found them a FOREVER LOVING HOME. These are the dogs that taught me how to help dogs and owners that no other trainer wanted to help.

I have learned so many techniques over the years including how to convey instructions to owners - which is so important. Patience is a very strong strength I have and understanding dog’s behaviour is as well.

They say you aren’t a professional trainer until you have had at least 3 bites from someone else’s dog!  Well, that must make me way beyond professional. As long as an owner is genuine and really wanting to help their dog, I will do what I can for them both.  I believe most dogs are a really nice,  you just need to find the inner dog.  Before I can do this I need to give the owner the tools and understanding they require and I need to teach the dog to understand their boundaries and to trust their owners.

For a successful result with your dog, it really depends on you. At Sankiri we will teach you the right way and if you are prepared to learn and do what is needed to be done, you will have success!

Please contact me for a chat. I am happy to listen to you and the problems you are having with your canine friend. Regards, Lorraine.


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