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Have you tried to train your dog before with no success, been made to feel inferior or been told that it's your entire fault and you own a bad dog that can't be trained or your dog is too old?

Don't give up Sankiri Dog Training & Behavioural Specialist have trained many owners and their dogs that have been in this predicament. It's all about understanding the process and consistency.

Sankiri Dog Training & Behavioural Specialist gets results from the very first lesson right before your eyes. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results achieved.

Don't become frustrated, or take your dog to the pound before you give us a call.

We can help, no dog turned away.

Dog Obedience and Behavioural Courses

***Gift Certificates Available***

As both dog and handler learn from this course it is necessary that the handler is not substituted for the duration of the course however, we welcome any additional family / friends to come along and participate.

Is your dog an embarrassment to you? Do you feel you have no control?

There are no bad dogs; every dog deserves the right to an education. Why not unlock your dog’s inner good manners and hidden behaviours. You have nothing to lose except all the bad behaviours your dog is currently showing.

Maybe you don’t have any particular problems with your dog, but would like to develop some important skills with your dog. These courses are designed to allow you and your dog to have a healthy and loving relationship.

Just think how nice it would be to have a dog that is well behaved, confident, listens to you even when your dog doesn’t want to “this may save your dog’s life one day”.

Can you imagine having your dog at a park on a busy day when there are lots of barbeques, children and dogs playing and you want to call your dog back to you and he/she comes back with bounding enthusiasm. You may even want your dog to stay in a drop / lay down by your side while you sit back and enjoy the day; this is what you can easily achieve.

Sankiri Dog Training & Behavioural Specialist prides themselves in educating you the owner.  We want you to gain the knowledge to fully understand and have the confidence to not only train your dog but know how to problem solve when things go wrong for you.  Sankiri Dog Training & Behavioural Specialist is a professional program not just a social get-together.

All it takes is a little effort and time; courses are designed to allow you to achieve Basic dog handling skills on lead through to Advanced off lead obedience, the choice is yours.

Courses are structured for enrolments to commence with the Basic level on lead obedience. Teaching your dog to be a well-manned member, of your family in real life situations please enrol into the 24-Sessions Group Training.

Group Training Packages

To Enrol please phone our friendly Sankiri Team on 0401 634 392
OR email

The below relates to ALL Group Training

First level – Basic

Training on "head halter"

Second level – Intermediate

Moving to "collar"

Third level – Advanced

Moving to "off lead"

Obedience Exercises Taught (and way too many to mention!)

  • Sit
  • Sit Step Away
  • Drop
  • Drop Step Away (working towards holding a drop for one-hour)
  • Recall
  • Heeling
  • Meet and Greet
  • All training is under distraction, NO food treats
  • Learn how to problem solve behaviours with your dog
  • Canine Good Behaviour Shaping
  • Learn how to Modify inappropriate behaviour and enhance good behaviour
  • All our training is based on a thorough understanding of dog psychology by Sankiri Dog Training
  • Boundaries - teaching dogs not to go through open gates, dogs not jumping out of open cars AND many other boundaries

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